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Well, hello there! My name is Deasy and I’m the bookseller behind The Fox’s Howl. With this site, I wanted to combine two of my passions – books and the environment. So, it dawned on me that by selling gently-used books, there is an opportunity to lower our carbon footprint while also creating more affordable, and therefore, accessible way in reading.

In addition, I believe that we are all responsible in helping the planet as best we can, and so it is part of The Fox’s Howl‘s mission to donate $1 for every book sold towards environmental causes. There is so much that needs to be done in order to get our world to a better place, and there are so many great non-profit organizations out there that is fighting the good fight.

The Personal Deets:

Although I am trying to dabble in a great variety of genres, some that I tend to gravitate towards more than others are: romance comedies, historical fiction (particularly WWII era), classic literature and, perhaps an outlier, personal finance!

When I’m not reading, I can be found on instagram (@thefoxshowl!), watching a period piece on Netflix, or in a coffee shop while drinking decaf. There may be a good chance you’ll find me and my husband off on an adventure, as well!